AutoFMU - Automatic FMU approximation tool

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Getting started


autofmu is distributed as standard pip library, and can be installed by running:

pip install autofmu


  • Python>=3.4

  • Docker (optional). Required for cross compilaiton using the bundled Docker image (see: Cross compiler).


FMU Compilation

By default FMU compilation is disabled, in order to allow the user to fine-tune the compilation process. The C sources are generated in the sources/ folder, and they should be compiled as shared libraries and put in the binaries/ directory at the root of the FMU.

Since FMUs are expected to work seamlessly in multiple plaftorms, autofmu provides two options that allow easy cross compilation of the sources:


Uses the bundled Docker image to cross-compile the FMU. Generates shared library objects for linux32, linux64, win32 and win64 platforms. Requires a Docker installation.


Uses the FMU builder server to cross-compile the FMU. Generates shared library objects for all platforms (darwin64, linux32, linux64, win32 and win64). Requires Internet connection.


None of the above options requires a C compiler installation, so you can use them on any machine that has Docker installed or internet connection.



This software is distrubuted under MIT license.